Konstantinos Gkoumas, PhD, PE

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About me

I hold a 5-year Laurea degree (equivalent with MEng + MSc) in civil engineering from the Sapienza University of Rome, and a Ph.D. from the same University in transportation and infrastructures (with a Thesis on modelling public transport control strategies). I have also a post-doc experience at the Institute for Numerical and Applied Mathematics of the University of Göttingen.

I am a Professional Engineer (PE) in Italy (Rome) and Greece. I was a co-founder and partner of the research spin-off company StroNGER S.r.l. (Structures of the New Generation: Energy harvesting and Resilience, 2012-2017), a start-up company that operated in the civil engineering sector, focusing on innovative topics. Within my involvement with StroNGER, I was principal enterpreneur for the ESA BIC (European Space Agency Business Incubator Center) project piezoTsensor (March 2014-June 2016).

I have a long-standing research record in different fields of civil engineering (with focus on transportation and sustainability), with more than 100 publications in peer reviewed journals, book chapters and national and international conferences. I served three years as Research Associate (“Assegnista di Ricerca”) at the Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering of the Sapienza University of Rome (November 2011- November 2014) focusing on research related to the dependability of structures and energy harvesting for civil structures and infrastructures. During that period I co-advised 5 Master theses. In the period 2003-2016 I had a long standing collaboration Franco Bontempi and the research group of Structural Analysis and Design.

I have also a record in consulting business, and some professional experience in the private sector.

In 2016 I was co-chair of the 5th International Workshop on Design in Civil and Environmental Engineering (DCEE 2016) held on October 6-8th at the Sapienza University of Rome (ITALY).

Since April 2017, I am a Programme Officer at the Sustainable Transport Unit of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Ispra (ITALY). My principal involvement is in the development and employment of tools and methodologies to advance the analytical capabilities of the European Commission's Transport Research Innovation Monitoring and Information System (TRIMIS). My work is about promoting and strengthening the interface between science and transport policy, focusing on new and emerging technologies (e.g. drone delivery services, Hyperloop). In this time I have co-authored more than 40 technical and science for policy European Union documents.

You can follow my research in research gate, google scholar and academia.

I spend my free time in alpine skiing, cycling, windsurfing, SUP, scuba diving and capoeira. I am also a keen amateur photographer.

You can download my curriculum vitae, a short biographical sketch and my portfolio from the following links.

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